Top 10 Best Free WordPress Blog Themes in 2021

Are you looking for the Best Free WordPress Blog Themes.

You have taken a very good decision as the Theme is considered as the Backbone of every Blog or Website.

best free wordpress blog themes

So the question arises in the mind of beginners that

Why Good Theme is necessary for a Blog?

The Good and Responsive Theme is very important in Blog because it affects the following things in the Blog

  • It determines the speed of the Blog. As the Loading time of every Blog depends only on the theme.
  • The theme is the only criteria that determine the design and representation of the Blog.
  • The theme allows the user to show a different type of site materials such as Logo, Header Area, Footer Area, Sidebar, Site Title, Page Navigations, etc.

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Now without any discussion let’s have a look at our main topic Free WordPress Blog Themes.

Here I will show you the collection of Top 10 Best Free WordPress Themes which are recommended to use for your WordPress Blog.

Top 10 Best Free WordPress Blog Themes in 2021

Here are the Best Free Themes for WordPress Blog that you can use for your site. These free WordPress blog themes are highly used by professional bloggers and have a very fast loading time with less page size and requests.

1. GeneratePress – Simplest and Fastest Theme

GeneratePress WordPress Blog Theme

GeneratePress Theme is the Fastest Theme for WordPress Blog. It is a highly used theme for WordPress Blog. It is a 100% responsive and mobile-friendly theme.

Look at the Best Features of GeneratePress Theme:

  1. It is the Lightest and Fastest Theme.
  2. It has a very small page size 696 KB.
  3. This theme fully loaded in 1.3 seconds.
  4. Only 24 HTTP requests it has.
  5. Page Score of Generate Press Theme is 95%(A)

2. Astra – Highly Designed and Fastest Theme

Astra WordPress Blog Theme

Astra Theme is the second Fastest theme with so many beautiful prebuilt templates. It is highly used by Professional Bloggers with Elementor Page Builder which gives a premium look to WordPress Blogs.

Look at some Best Features of Astra Theme:

  1. It Provides better Graphics and gives a more Premium Look than GeneratePress Theme.
  2. The total page size of the Astra theme is 833 KB.
  3. The Theme requires 52 HTTP requests in total.
  4. The Astra Theme Fully Loaded in 1 second only.
  5. Page Score of Astra Theme is 85%(B)

3. Poseidon – Blog Magazine Theme

Poseidon WordPress Blog Theme

Poseidon Theme is Blog Magazine Theme that provides a full-screen slideshow and it has a white layout that helps your blog readers to focus more on the contents. It is a good free WordPress blog theme. It is good for creating a news website with a magazine-like interface.

Look at some Best Features of Poseidon Theme:

  1. It is simple to clean, clear theme, and highly focused on clean typography.
  2. The total page size of the Poseidon theme is 936 KB.
  3. It is highly responsive with Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet.
  4. The theme provides prebuilt widgets that make it more flexible and easy to use.
  5. The Poseidon Theme requires 66 HTTP requests in total.
  6. Page Score of Poseidon Theme is 78%(C)

4. Skin – Fashion WordPress Theme

Skin WordPress Blog Theme

Skin WordPress theme is mostly designed for Fashion blogs. We can say it is a complete box of things required by any Fashion Blog. It has colorful interfaces with a pink background or you also have the option to change the color. All widgets like sidebar, main content, tags, and author box are present in a white container.

Look at some Best Features of Skin Theme:

  1. It offers One Main Menu at Header and one Sub menu above the Header.
  2. It has a large content and a separate sidebar container.
  3. The theme sidebar has so many sidebar options that give the blog the best look.
  4. It is also a very good blog theme because it also gives a better look at Adsense Ads.
  5. The theme provides inbuilt social sharing buttons and also offers related post and tags features.
  6. Having Facebook Comments Plugin for the readers.

5. OceanWP – Premium Featured Theme

OceanWP WordPress Blog Theme

OceanWP Blog Theme is a super-fast WordPress Blog Theme. It is the most used theme by professional bloggers. It comes with hundreds of prebuilt designs. In which most of the designs are paid but its free version theme has the best performance. If you want the best free WordPress themes for blog then it is the best option.

Look at some Best Features of OceanWP Theme:

  1. It is the Lightest and SuperFast Theme.
  2. It has also a very small page size around 756 KB.
  3. This theme fully loaded in 0.9 seconds.
  4. Only 64 HTTP requests it has.
  5. Page Score of OceanWP Theme is 99%(A)
  6. It Works with Elementor Plugin to give iconic look to the blog.

6. Hueman – Easy Blog Theme

Hueman WordPress Blog Theme

Hueman Blog Theme is a good and very customizable theme. It is a slightly slow theme due to its so many inbuilt designable contents. It can be the best free blog themes on WordPress. You can customize it according to your need so it might be work fast. It is the most rated theme in the WordPress theme store.

Look at some Best Features of Hueman Theme:

  1. It is also a fast theme if good customization has done.
  2. It is a 100% responsive and Mobile friendly theme according to Google.
  3. The highly-rated theme on WordPress Theme Store.
  4. Offers lots of features and layout options.
  5. The Them has a unique sticky Sidebar.

7. Maxwell – Highly Responsive Theme

Maxwell WordPress Blog Theme

Maxwell WordPress Theme is a highly responsive magazine layout theme. It offers Blog Post and Sidebar Container. Having sharing options, tags, author box, author meta, and very simple and good-looking layouts with boosted speed. We can say it is a good WordPress theme for blogging. You can also customize the theme according to your need.

Look at some Best Features of Maxwell Theme:

  1. The Maxwell theme offers Magazine Homepage Layout.
  2. It has SEO Optimized Structured Coding made to keep Search Engines in mind.
  3. You can translate this theme to any language as your wish.
  4. There is an inbuilt theme customizer. It is easy to use theme settings.
  5. It is compatible with all browsers and all devices.

8. Baskerville – Very Simple and Full-Width Theme

Baskerville WordPress Blog Theme

Baskerville theme for blogs is a container-based theme. It contains two containers one for post and another one for sidebar. It has a full-width header along with a full-width footer. The theme function work with the ZillaLikes plugin. It is also free WordPress themes for blog. It provides a custom design option, logo, and widgets with block editor support.

Look at some of the Best Features of the Baskerville Theme:

  1. The Baskerville theme has a Very good-looking Single Post Layout.
  2. The comment section has a very creative look and clean and most focused.
  3. It has a Dark theme and full-width Footer along with the white menu and blue link options.
  4. Has a separate container for Sidebar and Search Option on it.
  5. Offers Logo, Subtitle, and a single menu at the header section.

9. Fascinate – Fashionable Blog Theme

Fascinate WordPress Blog Theme

Fascinate is the Fastest theme with a wonderful look. This theme comes with a boosted performance. It is highly designed for Fashion Blog. If you are a fashion blog owner then it can be proved a very good option for your blog.  The theme contains so many widget options. free blog themes for WordPress.

Look at some of the Best Features of the Fascinate Theme:

  1. It is highly responsive and compatible with all devices.
  2. It is a 100% media-friendly theme. It supports different types of post formats like audio, video, gallery & quote formats.
  3. It is highly optimized for SEO and blog loading time, improves blog ranking.
  4. The Theme has an inbuilt feature like a social widget, custom author widget, and lazy loading for images.
  5. It is Gutenberg compatible WordPress blog theme.
  6. It is the best free blog theme for a fashion blog.
  7. It has 99% Performance with an A grade in loading time.

10. Moderne – Clean and Highly Focused

Moderne WordPress Blog Theme

Moderne WordPress Blog Theme is a highly content-focused theme. It has a creamy background and on it the Post and Different Sidebar Tiles are present. The theme has Meta Data below the Title that contains Post Date, Author, Comment count, and Tags. It is good if you are looking for free WordPress personal blog themes.

Look at some of the Best Features of the Moderne Theme:

  1. The Moderne theme has an A grade and 94% Performance score with page request 31.
  2. It has a unique flexible featured post slider on its homepage.
  3. It has many blog layouts, dynamic sidebar width, unlimited colors, and settings.
  4. The theme is Google Mobile-Friendly that can handle mobile traffic along with desktop as well.
  5. You can show or hide page elements of the blog that are most needed.
  6. Blog theme built with social menu and custom error page.

Conclusion of Best Free WordPress Blog Themes

After looking at the collection of Best Free WordPress Blog Themes. You might have decided to get the free WordPress theme for blog. You can choose from these ones and make your blog faster and optimized. I personally started using the OceanWP Blog theme while writing this article. You should also give it a try on.

Thanks for reading this article Top 10 Best Free WordPress Blog Themes hope you find it helpful.

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