7 Ways How to Make Money From Facebook 2020

Want to know how to make money from Facebook?

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Do you want to make a good amount of money through Facebook, which helps you to live a better life? So start making money from Facebook is the best decision in nowadays.

But, After reading this article you will able to learn and make it possible to make your earning path from Facebook to success.

Here are the top 7 ways on How to Make Money From Facebook in 2020, you can choose one of these methods to get started earning from Facebook.

So we will start with the Introduction of Facebook that What actually Facebook Platform is?

Facebook is a big Social Media Platform for Sharing Photos, Post, and Videos made by users. It is one of the largest companies in the world.

How to Make Money from Facebook

I am here to guide you step by step on How to Make Money from Facebook by simply using your Facebook Account Profile.

In this article, we will look at the different ways of earning money from a Facebook Account.

From all these ways you can choose one of the ways from which you want to start generating incomes from this popular Platform.

Firstly we will look at the ways on How to Make Money from Facebook then we will discuss How to set up your Facebook Account to get started step by step.

So let’s move toward the way to make money through Facebook.

How to Make Money From Facebook

7 Ways to Make Money from Facebook

Here I will try to share with you the top 7 best methods on how to earn money from Facebook.

I will also tell you how these methods work will help you to choose the right topic to get started with Facebook.

#1 How to Make Money from Facebook Page

It is one of the best methods to earn money online from Facebook. About millions of people earning in billions of money by only this method.

Now, I will share with you the ways on how to earn money from Facebook page?

So get ready to know some of the best methods on how to earn money from FB page

Before starting you need to create your Facebook page to get started step by step.

How to Make Money From Facebook

Step 1: Firstly you have to select your niche(topic) in which you want to get started. It very important because you have to update everything related to your topic only.

Just like most of the Facebook page creators make money through the Facebook page with Affiliate Marketing. It has a higher potential to make you a millionaire.

But you should choose the topic which you are able to give your 100% to help the peoples and you have the potential to work.

Step 2: Now it’s the time to publish your content into the Facebook page. You should have to give content must be engaging like that which the people want like and to share with the others.

You must have to be consistent with your page, because if you are not updating your content then people might unfollow your page.

Step 3: Now its time to earn money through the Facebook page, you have made your followers. Now you have the opportunity to do Sponsorships, Affiliate Marketing, Facebook page Monetization.

Now look in detail. You have made the followers then you can start earning by these powerful methods.

Affiliate Marketing: You can choose an affiliate with your choice. Suppose you have a page on online products. Then you can apply for amazon affiliate, ClickBank, Shareasale, etc. These are the powerful company.

But if you have a page on different topics then you can apply for different affiliates like for hosting, plugins, themes, etc.

Sponsorship: Now make a relationship with the companies and do sponsorships, like write a paid post on your Facebook page.

Facebook Page Monetization: If you have 10,000+ likes on your Facebook page then you can apply for monetization. Note you should comply with the Facebook monetization terms and conditions.

You can also earn money from Facebook videos by the monetization of the page. Simply upload video post on your page then make money in Facebook videos.

How to Get Paid on Facebook Page?

You will get paid on your bank account if you do Facebook monetization and different payment methods for others.

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#2 Earn Money from Facebook Group

It is the fastest method to grow and start earning from Facebook. Because you can connect with the millions of Facebook users in a few clicks.

Now but how to earn money from the Facebook group?

How to Make Money From Facebook

There are two ways to grow with Facebook groups.

  1. You can join the group of others on Facebook. (with single clicks)
  2. You can make your own page and build a brand. (require a lot of effort but its the permanent)

But after making or joining the group again question in mind that how to make money with Facebook groups?

So after creating or joining Facebook groups in a particular niche(topic) you can directly start earning by sharing your affiliate links, sponsorship, etc.

#3 Make Money from Apps

If you are an Android/IOS Application developer then you can apply for the Facebook app monetization for your app by this you can simply earn money from Facebook app monetization.

It has different types of ads format like banner ads, interstitial ads, etc. You can earn a lot of money with this method.

#4 How to Earn Money from Facebook Ads

If you have some amount of money to invest to get quickly success. Then you should go through the Facebook Advertisement, it helps to make followers quickly. Instead of that, you can also start making money from the first day.

Now how to make money from the first day with Facebook?

Just simply you can earn money on Facebook by promoting affiliate links. Just you have to make one Facebook page then post an article with affiliate links. Then run the Facebook ads(first you should learn how to run Facebook ads).

If you will not run the ads with planing then you will lose all your money with no output.

You can use Facebook ads for gaining page likes also.

So, this is the method of how to make money using Facebook ads.

#5 Earn Money as Facebook Influencer

Like if you get so many like, share, and comment in your post of the normal profile of Facebook then you can become an influencer on Facebook.

You can apply for the Influencer in blogmint.com or fromote.com then you can make 100$ per post. If you have a large follower base then it can be even more.

You can also work as an Instagram Influencer we have provided an article on How to Make Money on Instagram in 6 ways.

#6 How to make money on Facebook marketplace

Like you know that in Amazon, people selling their products.

You can also earn money by selling products on the Facebook marketplace. See how

How to Make Money From Facebook

Step 1: Just decide the item/product you want to sell on Facebook.

Step 2: Choose the right price of your product as if you choose the price 5$ then you should sell at 6$.

Step 3: Then you can offer a discount to attract the buyer for 5$ by giving a discount of 1$.

#7 Facebook as Traffic source of your Blog/Website

You can use your Facebook page/profile as the traffic source of your Blog or Website.

You can get millions of traffic to your website using the Facebook platform.

You can make this by 2 methods

Free Method: Try to build a Facebook page and join the Facebook groups related to your blog topic.

Share the links of your blog post on the Facebook pages. But due to the free methods, you need to build an audience in your pages.

Almost every blogger and website owner has a Facebook page and group on Facebook because it helps them to drive traffic to their blogs.

Paid Method: If you are an affiliate marketer and had a blog related to affiliate marketing in which you earns from promoting affiliate products. Then you should use this method.

Take an example, one blogger Kulwant Nagi made 16,000$ from investing only 1,000$ in Facebook Ads by simply promoting a WordPress plugin. He is driving traffic by Facebook ads on that blog post.

But already I told you should learn first to run Facebook ads to get beautiful outcomes.


These are some top 7 ways by which you can make money online by using your Facebook account. You can also find a lot of ways to get paid on Facebook. You can also use it to promote your business online or with Facebook Advertisement. And this is a detailed explanation on the topic of How to Make Money From Facebook 2020.

Now, in the end, we will look at some Frequently Asked Questions of the topic How to Make Money From Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Make Money From Facebook

Que1: How do people make money from posting Facebook videos?

Ans: As I already told in the article that you have to make a Facebook Page related to your video topic and you should have at least 10,000 likes on your page. Then you can apply for the Monetization of your video. Note make sure you should follow the Facebook publishing rules.

Que2: What is the best way to earn from Facebook, Instagram?

Ans: Affiliate Marketing and Influencer are the best ways for earning money on Facebook and Instagram.

Que3: How one can earn money by using Facebook?

Ans: You can earn money from Facebook with so many more methods like Freelancer. For this firstly you need to build your brand using ads then gain 100,000+ likes then promote the client business on your page could give you 500$-2,000$ easily for sharing if your followers are engaging.

Que4: How does an individual earn money by posting ads on Facebook?

Ans: You can not post ads from any advertising company like Google Adsense or Media.net. But you can Make an image ad and post on your page. But to earn money from it you should have a large amount of likes on your page. Then people will give you money for posting their ads on your page.

Que5: How does Facebook make money from Facebook pages and groups?

Ans: Facebook only makes money from Advertisements. It can make money from any pages or groups and profiles by showing the relevant ads to the users. Simply advertisers give money to Facebook for showing their ads to the users.

Thanks for reading this article hope you find it helpful.

I have given you the 7 ways on How to Make Money From Facebook.

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