How to Make Money from YouTube 2021

How to Make Money from YouTube: Hello guys we have come again with a new source of income, which will help you to make money online to fulfill your dreams.

If you have tried earlier and not got success. Then you should definitely read further completely.

With this method of income, you can earn a good amount of money. In this article, we will talk about the earning method for YouTube.

So Question rises ‘How to Make Money from YouTube?

How to Make Money from YouTube

I am here to guide you step by step on How the YouTubers make money by creating your YouTube Channel.

In this article, we will look at the different ways of earning money from a YouTube Channel.

We will also see which way is suited for you to get started on YouTube.

Firstly we will look at the ways to Make Money on YouTube then we will discuss How to Start a YouTube Channel step by step.

So get ready to know about the YouTube Earning Strategy.

How to Make Money from YouTube

5 Ways to Make Money on YouTube

Here I will try to share with you the top 5 best methods to make money from YouTube.

I will also tell you how these methods work will help you to choose the right topic to get started with YouTube.

#1 By Monetizing YouTube Channel with Gooogle Adsense

Making money from youtube by monetizing a YouTube Channel is the first method of every Youtuber to get started with it.

But nowadays some more methods like Affiliate Marketing, Social Marketing, and Sponsorships are more popular in Youtube Industries.

It does not mean that Monetization is not the best method of earning money from YT.

We can say that it is the simplest method and does not require any capital investment to get started.

Only You have to start a channel and upload videos then you will start earning money from your YouTube videos.

But you should know how to make money from YouTube with Google Adsense so we will now talk about how this method works.

To make money from Google Adsense by Monetizing your YouTube Channel you have to follow some steps. Let discuss those following steps.

  • You need a Gmail for the registration of the YouTube account.
  • After creating an account on YouTube you need to create a YouTube channel to start.
  • After creating a channel you have to upload videos on your YouTube channel.
  • Now, if your YouTube channel got 1,000 Subscribers and 4,000 watch hours then you have to apply for monetization.
  • Now, your YouTube Channel will start earning money. That’s it.

Now, Final talk with this method that what are the topics to start a new YouTube channel? so here are some topics you might do to start with

  • Starting the Online Teaching Class in any subjects
  • Share the funny moments
  • You can share your music and song and become popular in the world
  • You should make small movies or stories videos to post on youtube
  • You can make videos on Tutorials for the peoples of anything like (Softwares, computers, mobile, health, sports, etc.)
  • You can also start a news channel to give daily news updates to peoples
  • Also, you can search for the topics you will get thousands of topics to start.

#2 How to Make Money from YouTube with Sponsorships

It is the second method of earning money from the channel without investment.

But to get Sponsorships you need to become a brand on YouTube.

We can say that you need at least 100,000  and at most 2 million subscribers to get the best Sponsorships.

Now the question arises in your mind that What is Sponsorship and how does it work?

Don’t worry I will tell you the full definition of Sponsorship and also tell you how does it work on the YouTube channel.

Sponsorship: It is a platform of marketing and advertising which is focused on customer engagement for a leading generation with the targeted audience.

I think after reading the definition of Sponsorship the 70% of people do not understand it because it contains some marketing-related keyword which the beginner can’t understand.

So I am here to give you the full information regarding it.

It is the way to earn money by promoting the online products of the sellers to the audience which you have made in your YouTube channel

Like your subscriber and your video viewer can be your audience who might be interested to buy the products that you have promoted in your YouTube channel and videos.

But one thing more before starting. What do you need in your YouTube channel to get the best sponsorships?

  • Require at least 100,000 subscribers to get sponsorship. Because when you will have a good audience and good video content then a company itself contacts you for the sponsorship of their products and services.
  • The main benefit of this is you can get that amount of money which you want to take from the company for the promotion of their products.
  • After gaining this amount of subscribers you might get up to 500 dollars for a single sponsorship.

I think now you have understood well the concept of Sponsorship. Now I will tell you the How to Make Money from YouTube through Sponsorship on your YouTube Channel.

  • You can make videos on the products and services which the sponsor has provided you. Like mobile phones, companies want to give you sponsorship to review their phone.
  • You can give the link to the products and services of the companies.
  • You can share the info or contact details of their business with your audience if they told.

#3 How to Make Money from YouTube with Affiliate

This method is 70% similar to the Sponsorship method.

Here also you have to promote the affiliate links of the online products and services to your YouTube audience.

In 100%, about 30% of the YouTuber are making money simply by promoting affiliate links.

Now again the question comes in someone’s mind that what are the affiliate links and How to Make Money from YouTube using Affiliate.

So let’s try to understand the concept of affiliate.

When we search on the internet to buy something like the best mobile phones in 2020 to buy or best shoes under $100.

Then we search on the web or YouTube to find the best things before buying things.

Like suppose I want to buy a laptop under $500 so I will go to YouTube then search “Top Best Laptop Under 500$”

then I will see a video on which the YouTuber will tell about the features and specifications of the laptop.

At last, they will give a link to the Amazon Store of that Laptop which he had discussed in the video.

And they will tell in the last of video that if you want to buy this Laptop then click on the link provided in the Video description to purchase.

Then I will go to the video description and will click on the product link of the laptop.

It will take me to the Amazon Online Store from where I will buy the laptop.

After my purchasing the laptop the YouTuber will get some commission like 3-5% means 10-20 dollars from that affiliate link only.

Now I think you have completely understood the concept of the affiliate.

So now you can also make money from the affiliate with your YouTube channel.

#4 How to Make Money from YouTube with Website

I think you are familiar with the website. But for beginners let’s discuss some little bit more.

If you have a website and you have written an article about the iPhone 7 review and you are not getting any views on your website article.

Then you will have to make a video on YouTube on the same topic as iPhone 7 review. Put the link to your article on the website.

Then when the people will watch your YouTube videos then they will also visit that link provided on your video description.

Then you will also get website visitors. Now you might think that why you need to write an article on a website or blog.

So let I will explain to you that How to Make Money from a Website or Blog?.

Just like YouTube, you can place Google Adsense advertisements on your website or blog.

When a visitor will visit your website or blog if they will click on ads of your website. You will get paid for it.

For further details, you can also refer our blog post on Make Money from a Website or Blog.

#5 How to Make Money from YouTube with Live Streaming

Just from a few years, YouTube has introduced its new method of earning.

This method required a broadband connection with an unlimited internet plan because it requires a continuous internet connection with full high speed.

Now what we are going to discuss? We are going to discuss YouTube Streaming. Now let’s try to understand what is it?

So, You might have been seen some gamers like PUBG Players were uploaded videos on youtube were earning through the videos.

But they mostly earn money by Streaming on their channel.

They simply playing games like PUBG, FREE FIRE, etc, and streaming that on YouTube and peoples will watch them. People watch them learn how to play the game.

Now, how to make money from YouTube streaming? how the streamer earns. While watching the stream the viewers give some amount of money while seeing the streamer’s game playing.

Sometimes the viewer gives a large amount of money like 50$-500$ to the streamers. And that money directly goes to their youtube account.

By this, they can earn without monetization. Simply by Streaming games.

Thanks for reading this article hope you find it helpful.

I have given you the 5 ways on How to Make Money from YouTube.

Share this with your friends.

If you have any questions regarding this topic then please ask me in the comment section below.

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