6 Ways How to Make Money on Instagram 2021

Hey guys,

We have come again with a new source of income, which will help you to make money online to fulfill your dreams.

Nowadays Instagram is leading in the world of social media and people are earning millions with this platform.

But how they are earning a lot of money on Instagram?

So I am here to show you the top 6 ways on How to Make Money on Instagram

If you are thinking to start making money from it. You will get 50-60 dollars easily in a week when you start. Then after master in this, you will make thousands of dollars in a month.

So we will start from the Introduction of Instagram that what actually the Instagram Platform is?

Instagram is a Social Media Platform for Sharing Photos, posts, and videos made by the Creators. It is a sub-company of the Popular Social Networking Site called Facebook.

How to Make Money on Instagram

I am here to guide you step by step on How to Make Money on Instagram by simply using your Instagram Account Profile.

In this article, we will look at the different ways of earning money from an Instagram Account.

From all these ways you can choose the way that from which you want to start generating income from this popular Platform.

Firstly we will look at the ways on How to Make Money on Instagram then we will discuss How to Start a Brand Account on Instagram to get started step by step.

So let’s move toward the way to make money through Instagram.

How to Make Money on Instagram

6 Ways to Make Money on Instagram

Here I will try to share with you the top 6 best methods to make money from Instagram.

I will also tell you how these methods work will help you to choose the right topic to get started with Instagram.

#1 How to Make Money on Instagram as an Influencer

Making Money with Instagram as an Influencer is more popular on Instagram nowadays.

Because it gives the opportunity to all types of accounts whether Account has a small or large follower base.

There are Thousands of Companies that offer Instagram Users to work with them as Instagram Influencer.

But you have many options to get started as you can work as a Freelancer, Social Marketer, Brand Ambassador, Promoter, or Affiliate.

But if you are interested in this method then it is good to start earning from the first day.

Now the question arises on your mind that actually How to Earn Money from Instagram as an Influencer?

So now let I will give you the complete detailed info on this method with step by step guide.

I will guide on How to become an Instagram influencer and make money

How to Make Money on Instagram

To make money from Instagram as an Influencer you have to follow some steps. Let discuss the following steps.

  • You should have an Instagram Account to get started with.
  • You have to make your account Public from Private to work as an Influencer.
  • You need to set up your Business Account from Normal Account(Not require any fees to setup).
  • You should have at least 1,000 followers to get started earning a good amount otherwise you will get promotions rarely.

Now you are ready to apply your account as an Influencer. There are so many companies who want to work with you.

Some common companies are:

  1. Viral Nation – Influencer Marketing Agency: This is the largest influencer provider because it has worked with big companies like Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Google, Apple, etc. It is also an award-winning global influencer marketing agency. It has an 8 million users reach.
  2. Plixxo.Com worked with Cadbury, Puma, Jabong, Nike, and Fastrack companies.
  3. SugarFree.agency – For global brands, it means all country’s users can work with it as an influencer.
  4. Juliusworks.com – Provides all-in-one tool to work. Has worked with big companies like Goddady, Logitech, etc.
  5. Augustunited.com – It also had worked with large certified companies.

You can compare them all as per your user experience to start work with them.

Now how people work as an Instagram Influencer?

Firstly you have to visit their official website that you want to work with.

Now Register on their website with your full account details with the same email address and mobile phone number provided on your Instagram Account.

Then allow your Instagram app to work with them. You should use your Brand Account.

Now the company will guide you on how to work with them.

Like they will tell you to wear a particular company T-Shirt and take a shot and post it in your Instagram Brand Account.

After posting you will be paid by the company within 24 hours.

So this way is one of the ways to make money on Instagram 2020.

#2 How to Make Money on Instagram with Sponsorship

It is the second method of earning money from Instagram.

Just like you need to build your audience on YouTube channel. This platform also requires a fan base to get started for Sponsorship.

You should have a good number of followers to get better Sponsorship options. You will get higher pay for a single Sponsorship.

Some of the users got 12,000$ for single sponsorship posts because they have millions of followers. But it doesn’t mean that the low follower base can not earn much.

But my recommendation to you that you should have at least 10,000-50,000 followers on your Instagram account to apply for the sponsorship.

You will probably earn from 200$ to 500$ per Sponsorship from your follower base. If you got good Sponsorship.

Now again the question arises on your mind that actually How to Make Money on Instagram with Sponsorship?

So let me explain this question by giving you a step-by-step guide to getting started with it.

How to Make Money on Instagram

The following things should be ready on your Instagram account to use this method of making money.

  1. You should have your Business Account as already told on the influencer part.
  2. You should have your account public.
  3. Have a good amount of followers on Instagram.

Now simply you are ready to make money on Instagram with Sponsorships.

There are so many companies that provide you Sponsorship.

Some common companies are:

  1. Chamboost.com – This company connects you to some of the companies that might like your Instagram post so they want to give sponsors to you.
  2. gosnap.co

You can find more on Google.

But you should have #HashTags of all the brands in your Bio.

#3 How to Make Money on Instagram with Affiliate

Without repeating again the same things let directly go through this method.

In short let, I will explain to you How to Make Money from Affiliate using Instagram?

You have to simply work as an affiliate between brands and your followers.

How to Make Money on Instagram

Do the following things:

  1. Choose the thing you want to promote in your Instagram Account.
  2. Like you want to promote a shoe on Instagram, which available on Amazon.
  3. You have that shoe in your home.
  4. Now, wear the shoe and take some shots on your phone.
  5. Now post it on your Instagram and also in your Instagram story.
  6. Then put your Amazon Affiliate link of the shoe in your Bio.
  7. In the post or story tell your follower, if you want to buy this shoe the check the link on my Bio.

When your follower will see your post and interested in the shoe you have posted.

Then definitely they will go to your Bio and check the shoe on Amazon.

If also the price then they will definitely buy the shoe. After selling of shoes you will get your commission like 9-10% of the price.

That’s it. Remember you can post on any product or service but post on the same topic which you have gained your Instagram Followers.

You can also refer to this method as How to make money on Instagram with ClickBank

#4 How to Make Money on Instagram with Photography

As you all know what is Instagram made for. It is made to share photos and video posts of beautiful creations and moments.

So it starts through the business of selling photographs that are individually captured by Instagram users.

So try to understand what I am trying to tell about.

How to Make Money on Instagram

I am telling you about the selling of the photographs captured beautifully by you.

Don’t take it lightly many of the Instagramers earning money by this method only.

But what is the process of earning with photography on Instagram?

  1. Just simply post your best photographs and posters made or captured by you.
  2. Post it on your, use #HashTags while uploading to reach more people.
  3. When people will see your post they will contact you by visiting your Bio, so update your bio before posting.
  4. Now start making money from it.

#5 How to Make Money on Instagram with Online Store

With Instagram, you can easily open your online store and sell your products and services by sitting at your home.

Yes, you can earn a good amount of money from your Online Store. Now see how?

Simply you have homemade things or you are the wholesaler or a retailer.

Then you can sell your products using your Instagram id.

How to Make Money on Instagram

Just upload your product by taking shots using your phone or computer and post it on your account.

The buyer will easily contact you or you can provide your contact details at the bottom of your post.

You can also sell your eBooks, Software, Services, etc.

Or simply we can say How to make money on Instagram without followers you can achieve this using hashtags or running advertisements.

#6 How to Make Money by Making your Branding using Instagram

You can also be a model by uploading your pictures on Instagram by giving different poses.

Like you are willing to become a dancer then you can show your talent by uploading your dance videos in front of your followers.

Don’t if you have 0(zero) Instagram followers just simply use #HashTags in your every post. People will easily find your videos.

You will get millions of followers easily if you have the talent to show to the World.


These are some top 6 ways by which you can make money online by using your Instagram account. You can also find a lot of ways to use your Instagram to making you a Brand. You can also use it to promote your business online or with Instagram Advertisement. And this is a detailed explanation on the topic of How to Make Money on Instagram 2020.

Now at the end, we will look at some Frequently Asked Questions of the topic How to Make Money on Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Make Money on Instagram

Que1: How to Make Money on Instagram as a Teenager?

Ans: Teenagers can also start making money with these all ways. Like they can sell paintings, they can be brand by showing their talent.

Que2: How do I get more followers on Instagram?

Ans: You can get more followers on Instagram by posting as many posts daily and must be used #HashTags on every related topic. It might give you a chance to become viral. If you have some amount of money then you can prefer Instagram Advertisements.

Que3: How can I quickly get thousands of real Instagram followers without paying?

Ans: As per my experience, I have performed an experiment that if you want to get thousands of followers in a short time. Then just simply follow the celebrities’ accounts then, open their followers and start following all the followers. They will easily follow you back. Believe me, you can get 100 followers in 1 hour.

Que4: How do Instagram stars make money?

Ans: All the Instagram stars make money through Sponsorships.

Que5: Can you see who views your Instagram?

Ans: Sorry you can view only the number of views. Instagram does not have this type of feature. You can check the likers. But if you have analytics on Business Account.

Thanks for reading this article hope you find it helpful.

I have given you the 5 ways on How to Make Money on Instagram.

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