12 Ways How to Make Money Online in India [2020]

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So, I am here to help you, I will provide you top 12 Best methods on How to Make Money Online in India in 2020

or can say from any country in the world these all methods of earning are available to earn money simply by a computer, laptop or mobile, etc.

Make Money Online in India

12 Ways to Make Money Online in India 2020

Here are the ways to simply earn money by working on some free and paid platforms available online on the internet.

These all works can be done in any place like you can work from your home, office, etc.

These all require only a personal computer or a laptop to do or some of it can be done only by a mobile phone or a tablet.

So without consuming any time let’s move towards the collection of online money earning sources in India.

#1 Make Money Online in India From Youtube

Youtube has been proven that it is the best way of online earning money by simply making videos.

This is one of the best methods which does not require a single amount of money or we can say that it can be started without any investment.

This platform is simply for the people who have some talent inside them and just want to show them to the peoples around the world.

With this platform called Youtube, you can not only show you talent but also you can share the many things to the peoples present in the whole world. Like you can do many things

  • You can start the Online Teaching Class
  • Share the funny moments
  • You can share your music and song
  • You can make movies or stories videos to post on youtube
  • You can give Tutorials to the peoples of anything like (Softwares, computers, mobile, health, sports, etc.)
  • You can make a news channel to give daily news updates

After reading the Paragraph the question rises in your mind that ‘How to Make Money from YouTube?‘ then don’t worry I let you tell you that how you can earn through youtube.

  • Firstly you have to make a youtube channel
  • Start uploading videos on youtube channel
  • Connect your YouTube channel to Google AdSense
  • Start monetization on your videos

Or you can simply refer to my post of How to Make Money from YouTube

#2 Make Money Online in India from Affiliate Marketing

This is also one of the best options to earn money online without investment.

With this method, you can earn commissions from Online Stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc.

Only you have to share the products link to your websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. And you will get the commission from these companies after selling their products on your online platform or social media accounts.

In this option, you don’t have to pay anything for the startup. Only you have to share their product links to online customers or buyers who want to buy any product online or search for something available at online stores like Amazon or Facebook.

If you want to be an Affiliate Marketer then you should refer to How to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing to know how to start and what is the benefit and earning through this method.

Make Money Online in India

You will also get here how to become a successful Affiliate Marketer.
What we need for Affiliate Marketing?

We can earn from Affiliate Marketings in many ways:

  • By direct sharing product links to your social media accounts
  • By putting the promotion link to your Blogs or Websites
  • You can make a video of any product review on youtube and put the product affiliate links in the description of the videos
  • You can also promote your links by advertising on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

The Best Online Stores for Affiliate Marketings in the world is Amazon, Shareasale, Clickbank.

You can also sell hosting, SEO tools, and online digital services and products.

#3 Make Money Online in India From Facebook

This platform offers both free and paid options to make money online.

Firstly we will discuss the free method of earning money through Facebook.

You can make money by simply making a Facebook Page and uploading videos and writing articles on your Facebook Page.

But there is one restriction like YouTube to earn money from your Page, your page needs 10,000 likes to start earning(it is not so hard to gain those likes if you give good content).

After getting 10k likes you can apply for monetization of your Page.

But if you want to earn huge money from Facebook and very quickly then you have a paid method. This paid method requires capital investment(any amount you want).

It is mostly used for Affiliate Marketing to promote affiliate links.

Now, how the paid method works see. We can say that it is one type of Social Marketing.

To start this we initially have to invest at least Rs 10,000 to make successful the business.

At the initial stage of Facebook Marketing, we need to Run Facebook Advertisement so we can get those like our Facebook Page of real Facebook users who are interested in the services offered by you to the peoples.

After getting those likes you can have so many types of options after getting 10,000 likes on your FB page.

  • By uploading videos on page
  • By promoting your websites post links
  • By sharing you affiliate links
  • By selling online courses
  • By promoting your online/offline business

By uploading videos on pageLike YouTube, you can also upload your videos to the Facebook page and start monetization. After it, Facebook will show advertisements along with your videos. So you can earn money with this method.

By promoting your websites post links: Most of the people in the world use their social media to promote their website links. Which help them to get more visitor to their websites or blogs.

By sharing your affiliate links: You can share your Amazon, Flipkart, or any affiliate product links to your page follower this will help you to get more sales to your affiliates. But you should focus on particular niches to get success otherwise the user will unlike your page if you show unnecessary links to them. Niches mean a particular topic like the watch, mobile, computer, etc are the examples.

By selling online courses: You can sell online video courses, like if you are a teacher of maths. Then you have made videos or notes of the solution of all the maths questions. Then you can sell your videos online with the help of your FB page.

By promoting your online/offline business: Like if you have any business like a shop, factory, dairy, restaurant, etc. Then you can target the peoples at your business place by running advertisements in a specific region(where your business is available). By this, all the people will get the information about your business that you offer to them. Then they will try to come to your shop.

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#4 Make Money Online in India with Blogging

Blogging is the widely used method by experts in the world because it allows the producers to share their knowledge with other peoples in the world. But it is not so easy nowadays, because if anyone wants to start a blog then you don’t need to earn money by writing a blog for 2-3 months. It requires at least 1-2 years to get full success for the beginner(who doesn’t know anything about the blogging).

But it not that if you want to start blogging now and you will not get success, you will get success if you will have patience because I already told that it requires a lot of time to give output. One more important thing is that you should choose only those niches(topics) which you are familiar with or you have enough knowledge about your topic.

Now let see How to Make Money with Blogging

To start blogging we have so many free and paid platforms like free platform Blogspot.Com, Webbly.Com, Wix.Com, etc. But if you want a paid flatform you should go through WordPress.Com now what is the difference on both free and paid platforms.

Free Method Efforts

  • You will have to work hard.
  • You will have to wait for a long time to earn money through it.
  • It more difficult and required a large time to manage as compared to the paid method.
  • Nowadays lots of paid competitions are there, so you have to give your most of the time on it to achieve something good.

Paid Method Benefits

  • Require less time to get started or to set up a blog.
  • There are so many plugins that will help to make your work easier and smoother and safer.
  • Required less time to gain popularity and to earn money through it.
  • So many tutorials are there by which you can learn better management.
  • Required less time to rank on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

If you want to build a blog or website in WordPress then,

You can get started with cheap and affordable hosting with a 66% discount.

#5 Make Money Online in India From Instagram

Instagram is one of the best methods for earning money online because it has so many ways to make money online.

Here we will look at How to Make Money on Instagram by the 6 ways.

With this social media platform, people are earning money in millions. I will share with you the methods on How they were making money from this platform.

There are the best 6 ways to make money from Instagram are:

  1. Become Influencer
  2. By doing Sponsorships
  3. With Affiliates Marketing
  4. By Photography
  5. With Online Store
  6. Branding using Instagram

These are the top 6 ways to make money on Instagram.

If you want to look in detail then refer to our blog post How to Make Money on Instagram

#6 Make Money Online in India from News Website

News is leading in the world nowadays which can be your good startup for a new website.

Make Money Online in India

There are some benefits to starting with the news website:

  1. It requires less time to rank in Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
  2. It can easily make 500-1000$ in a month for you in less time.
  3. It also not require any extra charge in setup.
  4. Google will easily rank your website within a minute, it has Yoast news sitemap feature.
  5. You don’t have to write a very long article as Blogger used to write. Simply you can write from 300 words to 1000 words.

But it also has some disadvantages:

  1. You require at least 10 people to start a news website(I have vested my 3 years in this because working single in a site).
  2. Don’t start if you don’t have much time to work because you have to post at least 20-30 articles in a day to earn thousands of dollars in a month.

I don’t recommend you to start with this method because I also failed after working with a news website.

But at last, if you can do this then believe me you can earn around 50-60$ in a single news article if you have traffic from the USA(Europian) like countries.

#7 Make Money Online in India as a Freelancer

Freelancer is the paid person who is skilled in some work.

He charges money for doing work of his client,

Suppose I want to make a website and I don’t know how to build.

Then simply I will hire a Freelancer I will pay him some money and he will create my website.

By this, he will earn money. Just like that, there are 1000’s of freelancers who are skilled in different works.

You can find them all in Fiverr.Com

#8 Make Money Online in India with Online Digital Store

If you have a good amount of money to invest in a business then you can invest it in your Online Digital Store.

For it, you need to make an online store website from where you can sell your products online.

You can promote your business online by advertisement on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Bing, etc.

You can sell any product online to your online customers.

#9 Make Money Online in India From Fiverr

Making money from Fiverr is so easy but this job can be done only by the experts. It requires skill to work.

Fiverr is the platform which connects the Experts to needy people in their business.

How does it work? Now I will tell you how this Fiverr works

There two types of people are there in Fiverr one is the Freelancer and another is the user.

Here Freelancer is the person who is skilled for some work like Affiliate Marketing, SEO, etc.

Then a user wants to rank his website on Search Engine, so he hires the Freelancers who are skilled in SEO.

The Fiverr connect both and Freelancer will charge some money for work from the User than he will do the work.

#10 Earn Money Online in India by Selling Online Courses

If you are an Affiliate Marketer, Online Teacher, etc then you can sell your online courses.

You can sell your books, your study material, or something you have to provide you, customers, online.

Courses like:

  1. How to become an affiliate marketer
  2. How to become successful in blogging
  3. How to make money online

These all can be online courses most of the Affiliate Marketer Earning 1000$+ by selling their online courses.

#11 Make Money Online in India by Teaching Online

These days most of the students like to prefer online studies. So the teachers get the best opportunity to get to start their online business with online teaching.

You can simply start your online teaching class on youtube which is free to start with 0% investment.

But there are some more ways:

  1. Online meeting class Zoom App for the best classroom(paid method)
  2. You can make a course and sell online to the students
  3. Youtube is the best method to start

Now listen Online teaching class not means that only educational teachers can teach. If you are a good food cooker then you can teach cooking online, if you are a designer then teach designing.

Like you can make money from online business sources. By this, you can easily Make Money Online in India.

#12 Make Money Online in India Link Shortening

This is not the type of method in which you require any effort to make money online. This is an only link shortener.

Now, what is the Link Shortener?

It is a website, in which you can short your website or anthers website URL to share anywhere.

But how you will earn money from it?

You have to do following steps to earn:

  1. Take a link from anywhere which you want to share
  2. Put the link in the URL Shortener
  3. Click on short
  4. You will get the short link
  5. Share it with anyone you want
  6. when the user will open the link you will earn money
  7. you will get 5$ when 10,000 times your link will be opened

It is only for those who don’t want to work, require only copy-pasting of links.

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I have given you the 12 Ways to Make Money Online in India 2020

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